Google Trends: definition, function and relevance for SEO

Google Trends is an online tool for analyzing search trends. SEOs can find out how often certain search terms are entered at different times of the year and in different regions. Google Trends is used in particular for comparative keyword research and to detect event-related peaks in keyword search volumes.

How to use Google Trends?

You can explore Google Trends from top to bottom: Visit the tool and see which search queries are currently trending. It is then possible to delve deeper into a topic for more information. For example, the homepage usually lists relevant trends for global sporting events (such as the soccer World Cup) when one is upcoming, taking place or has just taken place. For example, you can query the most important search terms internationally and view related terms.

In most cases, however, the search field in the tool is used. There you can enter terms that are relevant to your business. You will then receive a temporal and local analysis of the search volume. Finally, you have the option of comparing other keywords and adjusting the location, time period, category or industry as well as the type of search (web, news, shopping or YouTube). This provides even more detailed data.

Why is Google Trends important for SEO?


The data from Google Trends is particularly useful for marketers who run a seasonal business (such as a garden supply store). They can use this information to target their marketing more precisely or to specific search peaks, making it much more efficient and effective.

In this context, Google Trends is primarily used for the following marketing approaches:

SEA: In digital advertising, you can use Google Trends data as the basis for highly effective and price-efficient seasonal campaigns. The tool is extremely useful for excluding irrelevant trend terms. You can define these as negative keywords to keep costs low. SEO: You can use Google Trends to find out what people in your target market are searching for seasonally. By taking this information into account in your content marketing, you can increase the SEO-important visitor numbers (traffic) and length of stay (time-on-site) on your website. Marketing engagement: If you refer to currently popular topics in your business area in your marketing and advertising campaigns (for example in newsletters, Facebook ads or radio advertising), you will logically increase the engagement of the recipients.

Google Trend Search


The main area in the center allows users to enter search terms to find out if they are trending. In this case, "Vitamin C" was entered. Below the search bar, there are related terms and products associated with vitamin C, such as "ascorbic acid" (ascorbic acid) and various vitamin C supplements.

Google Trend Overview


The image shows a Google Trends webpage displaying the search trend for the term "vitamin C" in Germany.

At the top of the page there is a search bar in which "vitamin C" was entered as a search term. Next to it is an option called "Compare", which allows you to compare the search trend of "Vitamin C" with other terms.

The "Interest over time" graph for "Vitamin C" is displayed in the center of the page. The graph shows the fluctuations in interest in "Vitamin C" over time. The exact time period is not entirely clear, but appears to cover days in October.

Below the graph is another section entitled "Interest by sub-region". This shows in which federal states in Germany interest in "Vitamin C" is greatest. On the left is a map of Germany, with different states highlighted in different shades of blue depending on how high the interest is. On the right side there is a list of federal states with an index value and a bar chart showing the relative interest. The list shows that Berlin has the highest interest in "Vitamin C" with a value of 100, followed by Hamburg, Bremen, Bavaria and Hesse. There is also a note that only 1 to 5 of 16 sub-regions are shown, suggesting that there is more data that is not visible in the image.

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