Google Search Console: Definition, relevance and function

The Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free analysis platform that anyone who operates a website can use to monitor how the search engine leader views their internet presence. SEO can be carried out very efficiently on the basis of this information.

Why is it worth using the Google Search Console?

When it comes to effective SEO, website data is essential. The

Google Search Console offers a broad overview of very important KPIs. On the other hand, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be surpassed by any other tool.

Who could provide more valuable facts and tips for search engine optimization on Google than the search engine itself?

How does the Google Search Console work?

With the Google Search Console, webmasters and SEOs have a practical tool at their disposal to analyze central website KPIs and ultimately optimize them based on the findings.

Website performance on the search engine result pages (SERPs): The Google Search Console analyzes the keywords used to find and click on your URLs in the SERPs. It shows you how often your website is seen in Google (impressions) and the ratio of impressions to clicks (CTR). The Search Console can also provide performance data for your URLs in Google News. Identify website errors: Google's Search Console checks whether your URLs are indexable and show up in Google Search. The tool also shows errors in mobile optimization. To check the indexability status, the Search Console compares the URLs in the Google index with the URLs in your sitemap. Evaluate Core Web Vitals: The Search Console provides you with comprehensive data on the Core Web Vitals of your website. Among other things, this shows you how long your website takes to respond to user interactions or how quickly the largest graphic in the visible area is loaded. View user-friendliness: The "Page Behavior" segment provides information on how user-friendly your website is. Data on mobile capability and core web vitals are combined here. Detect spam or hacking: The Google Search Console notifies you of problems with your website - for example, if your website has been hacked or if unnatural links are pointing to it.

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