Dofollow links: Definition, relevance and quality criteria

All HTML links on websites are automatically dofollow links if they are not marked as nofollow links. Search engines can track such links. They transfer link quality or link juice from the linking page to the link-retaining page. SEOs make use of this for their backlink strategies in particular. Link juice can be used to influence the ranking potential of individual pages.

Why are dofollow links important?

Dofollow links are essential for your backlink strategy. They are crawlable or can be scanned and tracked by search engines.

On the one hand, this enables search engines to discover more of your content. On the other hand, dofollow backlinks also pass on link juice to your target page. In simple terms, link juice can be described as a quality certificate of a link-giving page for the link-receiving page. SEOs can base their backlink building on corresponding values.

With the juice, a piece of the quality of one page is transferred to the other. It is a unit of measurement for determining backlink quality. The link juice can then also be passed on internally to other pages in the website construct of the link-maintaining page via dofollow links.

Search engines such as Google see dofollow links as positive evaluations for a page if they come from pages with a good reputation or strong link juice. This is why many high-quality dofollow backlinks are important for SEO and the search engine ranking.

What criteria determine the quality of dofollow links?

The higher the quality of the dofollow links pointing to your website, the better it should be for your SEO results. But what are the criteria that make a dofollow link a quality dofollow link?

In general, you can determine quality dofollow links based on the following factors:

  • The link comes from a reputable and well-maintained website - the linking page is classified as high quality on the search engine side (high authority, good ranking).
  • It comes from a website that does not give many dofollow links to other websites.
  • The linking website has not already placed a dofollow backlink to your website.
  • The link comes from a website in the same niche.
  • It appears early in the content of the respective page.
  • And it has a name (anchor text) that corresponds to or is related to the keyword targeted by the content of your page.

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