User experience: definition, connection to usability and SEO relevance

The user experience or UX approach refers to the quality that a person or group of people specifically experience when using a product. An important aspect of user-friendliness is to ensure that users find a solution to their wishes or problems as quickly and easily as possible. In general, the needs, requirements and expectations of the user are prioritised. Ideally, the product fulfils the specific requirements comprehensively.

If this is the case, the result is more intensive use, a significant increase in the reputation of the brand in question, an increased likelihood of purchase and other benefits.

The product does not necessarily have to be digital; it can also be a physical product. In the context of online marketing, however, it is of course primarily about the online user experience. Specifically, the aim here is to optimise the user experience with websites, online shops, social media channels, digital advertisements, email marketing and other typical components.

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