Meta title: definition, SEO relevance and optimisation

A meta title (also known as a title tag) is an element in the header of an HTML document that defines the title of the respective page of a website. The corresponding designation is retrieved by web browsers and displayed in the relevant tab. The title is particularly important for search engines such as Google. Here it is used to evaluate a website or its topic and display it on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why is the meta title important for SEO?

The title tag is actually a very important element for Google to assess the relevance of a website for a specific search query. The keywords that appear in the meta title are primarily analysed for this purpose. This means that a clever coordination of keywords is particularly important for the ranking of a website.

Against this background, the optimisation of meta titles is one of the most important SEO tasks. A high impact can be achieved with relatively little effort. For this reason, the meta title is considered one of the best so-called low-hanging fruits of search engine optimisation.

In addition, the wording and content of the title often determine whether users click on a search result on Google or not. They quickly recognise from well thought-out titles what the respective page is about and whether it is relevant in the search context. The title can therefore also contribute significantly to an increased number of visitors (traffic) and click rate. These characteristics are positive signals for Google and therefore advantageous for SEO.

How can you optimise meta titles?

There are actually a number of optimisation aspects for optimising the title elements of websites. The following are particularly important.

  • Length: Google only uses 580 pixels to display the meta title on the SERPS. This corresponds to a length of approximately 70 characters (including spaces). This range should not be exceeded.
  • Keywords: The title tag should contain the most important keywords for users and the SEO of the respective website. Ideally, these should be summarised in a meaningful sentence for potential visitors. In addition, the main keyword should always be placed first, as Google attaches great importance to the first word of the title.
  • Uniqueness: Each meta title should only appear once on a website. Ideally, it should reflect the individual content of each page. Otherwise, individual pages can hardly be categorised by both Google and potential visitors.

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