Low hanging fruits: definition, SEO strategy and types

The term "low-hanging fruit" comes from the business world. It generally describes work that can be completed quickly and with little effort, but which yields a high return.

The term is also commonly used in search engine optimisation, where it also stands for measures with an above-average cost-benefit ratio. There is no fixed definition of what exactly counts as low-hanging fruit and what does not.

Where are low hanging fruits usually found in the SEO strategy?

All SEO measures that can be carried out with little effort and bring great benefits belong to the low hanging fruits. Such processes are of course so interesting because they provide a relatively large ranking push with little work.

SEO is generally a long-term endeavour. Both the measures involved and their results can take some time. In order to benefit as quickly as possible, professional search engine optimisation initially focuses on tactics that can be implemented quickly and are also highly effective.

Low hanging fruits are therefore usually tackled at the beginning of the work process. However, it is important to ensure that you do not only concentrate on such easy tasks. These can only guarantee the required SEO success in the rarest of cases. A holistic SEO strategy - prioritised according to costs and benefits - is almost always a must-have.

Typical low hanging fruits in SEO

In search engine optimisation, even relatively small measures can lead to significant improvements. Various optimisations involve little work, but contribute significantly to a more favourable search engine ranking, a longer user dwell time or an increased number of visitors: In other words, signals that definitely play an important role in the ranking.

Typical SEO low hanging fruit include

  • The allocation of specific meta data - in particular a meta title.
  • A keyword analysis and corresponding adjustment of individual pages.
  • Semantic optimisation with long-tail keywords that have little competition.

All of these measures are part of on-page optimisation, i.e. SEO measures that take place on the pages of a website. In off-page optimisation, i.e. away from the website, low-hanging fruit are rare. This is particularly about building effective backlinks (backlinks from pages on the same topic that rank well on Google and other search engines). Such activities are always labour-intensive if they are to bring truly outstanding success.

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