Keywords: definition, function and research

Keywords (also known as "key words" or "search terms") are individual words or phrases that summarise the content of a website. They are beneficial both for users and for you as the operator of a website:

  • On the one hand, keywords, when used in the right places, provide visitors with a quick overview of the main points of information on a page.
  • On the other hand, they also give Google a comprehensive insight. With the help of keywords, the search engine can quickly link a page to a suitable search entry.

The following scheme applies here:

  • User: I am searching for keyword x.
  • Website: I offer keyword x.
  • Google: I refer user and website via keyword x.

How do keywords work in SEO?

Website owners use keywords to improve their ranking in search engines such as Google. Ideally, this results in higher visitor numbers and ultimately more business via the web.

This is essentially how it works:

  • Firstly, you need to research the exact keywords that your target group uses most frequently on Google.
  • These words should then be inserted in the most relevant places on individual pages.

But where are the most important keyword areas of a website? For search engine optimisation, you should focus on the following segments in particular:

  • Title (meta title and first heading)
  • Subheadings (H2, H3)
  • Image texts
  • First paragraph
  • URL

If you include keywords in more than one of these areas, you significantly increase your chances of a better ranking in the search results.

How do you find suitable keywords for SEO?

Most company managers have an idea of the keywords that are particularly relevant for their target group. They probably also have a corresponding overview. However, you should not base SEO solely on such assumptions. It is worth conducting specific keyword research to find more holistic ideas for keywords.

There are many ways to do this. The simplest method is to use a keyword research tool - for example, the Google Keyword Planner.

Most of these tools work in a similar way. You first enter some broad keywords that are related to your industry. The tool then provides you with related keyword ideas. You also receive information on the frequency of corresponding terms. Based on this, you can estimate the relevance for your respective page.

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