Google Core Update: Definition, frequency and SEO

Google has a habit of constantly updating its algorithm and general functions.

However, these are usually minor changes and corrections that serve to optimise the search results. Each update makes Google better and smarter. However, most users do not notice any differences from update to update.

The situation can be different with the so-called Google Core Updates: Core updates include far-reaching, large-scale changes to the search engine algorithm and/or system functionality. If such major changes are involved, they are always announced in advance.

How often does a Google Core Update take place?

Although nobody knows exactly how often Google makes updates, most experts assume that minor changes to the search algorithm are actually made between 500 and 600 times a year. This means that Google updates its search service (albeit on a small scale) several times a day on average.

The major core updates are much less frequent. Nevertheless, the frequency is higher than many webmasters and SEOs believe: as a rule, a Google Core Update takes place every two or three months.

You can follow Google's update schedule on the company's website. The company regularly publishes detailed summaries of individual core updates.

What impact can a Google Core Update have on SEO?

A Google Core Update is of great importance for most website owners and SEO experts. Sometimes drastic changes are made that can have a significant impact on previous SEO efforts.

SEO is usually a lengthy process. It can take weeks or months to achieve top rankings with the search engine leader for important keywords. A core update harbours the risk of undoing many of these efforts. This is especially the case if a certain ranking aspect that previously gave your website a huge boost becomes irrelevant or, in the worst case, a negative signal as a result of a core update.

A particularly famous example of such a devastating Google Core Update is the 2011 update known as "Panda", which brought such far-reaching algorithm changes that many webmasters had to completely change their SEO tactics.

Admittedly, such serious updates are relatively rare. However, if you want to be successful in SEO in the long term, you should keep an eye on core updates and their consequences.

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