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Bepanthol provides regenerating skin care for dry and sensitive skin, while our targeted online optimisations increase organic traffic on Google.

Bepanthol Digital Content Marketing
Bepanthen Healthcare Content Marketing

In establishing the new Bepanthol DERMA skincare range, we provided Bepanthol with intensive support by creating specialised content that highlights the uniqueness and effectiveness of the products.

Our collaboration focused on strengthening the presence and awareness of this specific product line in the digital space through targeted, informative and SEO-optimised content.

We wrote content that was both medically sound and customer-centred to ensure that each piece of information was not only accurate, but also easy to understand and appealing to the target audience


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Medical Content Writing

Our medical writing team has focused on making the pages on various indications on the Bepanthol website even more informative and user-friendly through continuous optimisation.

In providing content that is both medically accurate and understandable to the layperson, we place great emphasis on fully meeting the information needs of users and patients.

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