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Bepanthen promotes skin regeneration and healing, while we continuously and significantly increase organic traffic through targeted website and content optimisation.

Bepanthen supports the care of skin, eyes and nose as well as the healing of irritations.

As Bepanthen's healthcare agency, we have worked with our medical writing team to continuously optimise the indication pages of the Bepanthen website, always with the aim of providing patients and users with clear and well-founded information.

Our focus on medical precision and user-friendliness in the content has not only simplified the conversion journey and strengthened user confidence, but also consistently increased organic traffic.


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Medical Writing

In collaboration with the internal marketing team, our medical writers developed medical content characterised by clear, understandable language and SEO optimisation.

This strategically developed content not only promotes understanding and knowledge transfer on the patient side, but also strengthens trust in Bepanthen as a competent and supportive brand in the field of skin care and healing, thus contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SEO optimisations

  • Rich snippets: We have integrated specific rich snippets to be present in the Google info boxes - for higher visibility and direct answers to user questions.
  • Conversion rate optimisation: Through targeted adjustments, we have simplified the conversion journey, resulting in higher user interaction and satisfaction.
  • Image optimisation: Our image optimisation strategies ensure fast loading times and visual appeal, improving the user experience.
  • SERP Optimisation: We optimised the search engine results pages (SERPs) to bring Bepanthen to the top of search queries.
  • Headline optimisation: By fine-tuning the headlines, we not only achieve better readability, but also a higher click-through rate.
Bepanthen Digital Healthcare Marketing
Bepanthen User Experience Design

Conversion rate optimisation

At Sanofeld, as a healthcare agency, we specialise in optimising the conversion rate for brands such as Bepanthen. Our strategy for Bepanthen focusses on guiding potential customers through the customer journey - from the initial search for information to the decision to buy a Bepanthen product. By analysing user data and behaviour, we identify and implement targeted improvements on the Bepanthen website.

This includes optimising landing pages to directly address the specific needs and questions of the target group around skin care and healing, as well as embedding clear and motivating call-to-action elements that invite interaction. Content customisation and user guidance are also continuously improved to increase user-friendliness and strengthen trust in the brand.

Our approach aims not only to increase short-term conversions, but also to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction in the long term. This helps to establish and sustain Bepanthen as a trusted and leading brand in skincare.

User experience design for Bepanthen

For Bepanthen, a leading skincare brand, a customised user experience (UX) is crucial to provide users with an optimal online experience. The UX design strategy for Bepanthen focuses on providing users with an intuitive, informative and reassuring interaction with the brand. It is particularly important to emphasise the unique benefits of Bepanthen - such as rapid skin regeneration and healing support - and make them easily accessible.

The UX design of the Bepanthen website aims to provide users with clear and easy navigation. This enables them to quickly and easily find information on products, their areas of application and specific benefits. By using interactive elements, such as a product finder or detailed application notes, the user experience is personalised and supportive. It is equally important to present the medical information in an accessible and understandable way in order to strengthen the user's trust in the brand.

Furthermore, Bepanthen's UX design includes appealing visual elements and consistent brand communication that help to position the brand as a reliable and likeable partner in skincare. By providing a high-quality user experience, Bepanthen strengthens user engagement and loyalty and reinforces its position as a leading brand in skin health.

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